Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ginger Garlic Turkey Patties

Adapted From: Weeknight Bite

You guys...don't even get me started on my lack of blogging. Don't worry, we have still been eating in the Moore household, just not a whole lot of new recipes. This one was pretty great and a nice introduction back into cooking new things! I used ground turkey but you could use chicken too. It was easy and perfect for a last minute dinner!

The Fixin's
1 lb Ground Turkey or Chicken
1 Teaspoon Ginger
4 Cloves Garlic
1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice
1 Teaspoon Pepper
1 Teaspoon Garlic Salt
2 Teaspoons Coconut Oil- for cooking
1 Cup Marinara Sauce- for dipping

Let's Cook Dinner
Combine meat and spices
Form 10 small patties
Melt coconut oil in a large skillet
Cook the patties over medium heat for 4 minutes on each side
Serve with Marinara Sauce